Large Lying Hare sheep and lamb donkey
horse foal sheep
Moon Gazing Hare sleeping dog hare lying
hare 40 winks pup waking pup
small hare grooming hare
Windswept Pony Lazing Dog Hare (looking right)
Cat Reaching Cat Lying RB36PlayfulKittenTN
Hare Scratching Dozing Dog Sporting Dog
Curled Dog RB33Kitten&TailTN RB34CurledPuppyTN
RB35CrouchingKittenTN RB37RestingHorseTN RB34CurledPuppyTN
RB35CrouchingKittenTN RB37RestingHorseTN

I have always enjoyed sculpting horses and most of my childhood sculptures were of horses and ponies. I particularly love heavy horses like Suffolk Punch and Clydesdale and "Horse" is a Shire. The combination of such power, strength and patience is very beautiful.

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H 31cm x L 46cm

Limited edition of 500