Large Lying Hare sheep and lamb donkey
horse foal sheep
Moon Gazing Hare sleeping dog RB42Work_DogTN
40 winks pup waking pup
small hare grooming hare Windswept Pony
Lazing Dog Hare (looking right) Cat Reaching
Cat Lying RB36PlayfulKittenTN Hare Scratching
Dozing Dog Sporting Dog Curled Dog
RB37RestingHorseTN RB34CurledPuppyTN RB35CrouchingKittenTN

Hares can be seen most days in the fields surrounding my home. They have a number of very characteristic poses which lend themselves to sculpting. At times I see them zig-zagging their way over the hills and at other times they remain seated motionless for what seems an age. I created this sculpture whilst watching a hare through the kitchen window. This hare grazed oblivious to my presence; occasionally at would sit upright and alert - always ready to make its escape.

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HARE (facing right)
W 23 cm x H 32 cm

Limited edition of 500